Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Honeymoon

We spent are honeymoon weekend in Salt Lake. The first night we stayed and the Armstrong Mansion. It was so beautiful and so neat inside. We loved are room thank you to are family that got it for us. The next day we went to The Aquarium in Sandy. It was so much fun and we saw a lot of cool things. That night we stayed at the Little America thanks to Trevor's family. I was so gorgeous in are room! That night we went to the Roof and ate dinner and had amazing view of temple square and the temple. We got to watch the temple lights go on and the food was really good. The next day we got up and when to Park City and went shopping. I got a new purse and Trevor got so new shoes. It was such a nice relaxing weekend together. We had alot of fun. We got to come home and put are new home together. We love where we live it is really nice.
Our room at the Armstrong Mansion
The aquarium was awesome!
 We were able to pet the stingrays. 
 Our room in the Little America
Our View from our room in the Little America

On our way home Trevor just had to have a picture by his dream car!

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